Jochen Zeirzer


performative installation Unterstinkenbrunn / Lower Austria / 2008
in collaboration with Manuel Hartmann

no*tuber*lab took place at "Loamgrui", a small kind of village, near Unterstinkenbrunn, which consists of wine cellars and its accompanying press houses only.
Unterstinkenbrunn itselfe is a village in Lower Austria, not far from the Czech border. Located in the fameous wine district, the regions main branch of economy was, of course, the production of wine. However, the income the region took from this branch was constantly decreasing during the last decades. This resulted in an increasing number of unemployed people and a migration of residents.
To counteract this trend, the region shifted from wineproduction to the currently much more promising business of onion agriculture. Labeling itself the onion region nowadays.

To find out, whether the plant can meet the expectations placed in it, we set out, built a temporary laboratory into one of the empty wine cellars and subjected the onion to a series of tests.




video: Manuel Hartmann

no*tuber*lab was part of the art project We all have motives curated by Hubert Lobnig,
in collaboration with public art lower austria.